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Backboards & Surrounds

Shop dartboard backboards and dartboard surrounds for steel tip dartboards. Browse our selection of sizes and colors to find the wall protection that works for you!

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Viper Framed Dartboard Backboard

Sold Out $64.99

Viper Championship Backboard Set

Sold Out $139.99

Viper Protective Dartboard Backboard

Sold Out $54.99

Viper Guardian Dartboard Surround Black

Sold Out $64.99

Viper Resolute Dart Backboard

$69.99 $79.99

Viper Guardian Dartboard Surround Pink

$54.99 $64.99

Viper Guardian Dartboard Surround Purple

$54.99 $64.99

Dartboard Backboards and Dartboard Surrounds 

Dartboard backboards and surrounds are designed specifically to protect your walls from getting riddled with holes. Backboards are going to be the pricier and more permanent looking installations, while surrounds are going to be the more cost-effective and lower hassle option. 

Dartboard Backboards

Dartboard backboards are heavier duty than surrounds and as such they take a little more effort to install. They are mounted directly to the wall and then your dartboard is mounted onto it. When compared to a dartboard surround, backboards have more opportunity for storage and other accessories such as scoreboards.

An example would be our Viper Champion Championship Backboard set. This set includes three backboards actually, the one where the dartboard is mounted, a separate scoreboard, as well as a panel that can store several sets of darts. This is a more extreme example since not all backboards are going to include these options but these sets do exist.

Backboards are resilient though and will stand up to a ton of abuse without showing any sign of wear and tear. While it may seem like a bigger investment, it’ll save you from constantly needing to spackle and repaint your walls. 

Dartboard Surrounds

Now if you don’t want a cabinet, you aren’t worried about storing your darts, and you laugh at the idea of needing to write down your score, but you still want to protect your walls, then you should look at getting a dartboard surround. They are much more affordable than cabinets or backboards.

The biggest advantage to dartboard surrounds is that they don’t need any extra mounting hardware to setup. They simply mount to the dartboard that you have set up, this makes them both the easiest and quickest ways to protect your walls.

Surrounds aren’t going to look as refined as some backboards or cabinets, but they are incredibly effective at keeping your walls safe.

The only real disadvantage dartboard surrounds have is that they can only be used with steel tip dartboards. This is because electronic dartboards vary wildly in their shape and design, while steel tip dartboards are all circular and will be either 17.75 inches or 18 inches across. So it would be nearly impossible to make a surround that works with more than just a handful of electronic dartboards and knowing which ones would actually work with your board would be even more of a nightmare. 

Differences Between Dartboard Surrounds 

When you see price differences for different dartboard surrounds online, it’s most likely due to the size of the surround and the quality of the material.

Many dartboard surrounds come in a circular shape, which is sometimes all that is needed for more experienced dart players. For beginners or more casual players, there are larger sizes available. It’s best to err on the side of caution with this one. If you’re worried about damaging your wall, opt for a larger surround to be safe, especially if you’re not the only one who is going to be playing on your dartboard.

The quality of the material a surround is made from is also going to affect the price. Most dart board surrounds are made from some type of foam material, but it’s important to keep in mind that not all foams are made equal. More expensive dartboard surrounds are typically made of a denser type of foam, which will protect your wall more effectively and for longer than lower priced surrounds.  

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