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Dartboard Cabinets

Shop Viper soft tip dartboard cabinets and cabinet sets. Choose between soft tip and steel tip dartboard cabinets with the stain to match your décor. Find your dartboard cabinet today!

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Viper Hudson Dartboard Cabinet Black

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Dartboard Cabinets and Backboards 

Nothing completes a dartboard setup like a well-constructed dartboard cabinet or backboard. Dartboard cabinets can give your setup an air of professionalism, whether you have your dartboard in a decked-out game room or tucked away in a shared living space. Both dartboard cabinets and backboards are a great way to not only take your setup to the next level, but also protect your wall and even provide storage for darts and accessories.  

Steel Tip and Electronic Dartboard Cabinets 

The first thing you’re going to want to keep in mind is that there are different sizes for steel tip dartboard cabinets and soft tip dartboard cabinets. Steel tip dartboards on average are smaller than electronic dartboards, which means their cabinets are too. Many cabinets will say what kind of board they are designed for in either the name or description, but just to be safe it’s always a good idea to check the dimensions.

Another difference between the two is that steel tip dart board cabinets usually include either a chalk or dry erase scoreboard on one, or both, of the doors, and they sometimes even feature an outchart. Electronic dartboards score things automatically so they don’t have much need for these. 


Dartboard backboards are the more minimalist options. Backboards are open-face and will have a much more streamlined design which means they can easily fit into any environment that your dartboard already looks good in. This is because they will accent your dartboards appearance instead of completely changing it.

A dartboard backboard is also going to be the more affordable option in most cases, so if you’re looking for a sleek way to display your dartboard, protect your walls, all while working with a budget, then a dartboard backboard is a great option.

When looking at backboards, keep in mind that they are often designed for steel tip dartboards. Electronic dartboards use soft tip darts so the risk to your wall is much less and therefore there isn’t a high demand for electronic dartboard backboards. 

Wall Protection 

Not only will your dartboard look great in a cabinet or on a backboard, it’ll keep your wall protected too. The back of cabinets and backboards are designed to catch darts so you don’t need to worry about hitting your wall. Not to mention it stops you from needing to bend over to retrieve the darts you miss. 

Display and Store Your Dartboard and Darts 

Dartboard cabinets come made from a variety of materials, with different colors, shapes, and sizes available so you can always find what you’re looking for. There is the traditional route of a cabinet with doors for displaying and storing your dartboard when not in use. Or if your dartboard is more of a display piece in itself you can choose a backboard that will showcase your board.

When compared to backboards, cabinets will provide more storage space for your darts and other accessories. They often come with either racks or pockets for storing darts, and come come with extra pockets, for flights, shafts, and other accessories. Backboards can also provide some storage, but their primary purpose is to protect your walls.

Again, most backboards are designed for steel tip dartboards. Since electronic boards use soft tip darts they aren’t going to do as much damage to your walls if you miss. That being said, there are plenty of soft tip dartboard cabinets available. They will protect your wall and can provide a sleek and stylish storage solution for your electronic dartboard when it isn’t in use.

There are also electronic dartboard and cabinet hybrids where the board is built directly into the cabinet. It’s an all in one solution that’s easy to set up and maintain. They can also have some unique features like larger score displays on the door. 

All-in-One Sets and Bundles 

All-in-One dart centers are cohesive sets that include both a cabinet and a dartboard. These sets can also include other accessories bundled together, such as dartboard lights, scoreboards, and throwlines. This cuts down on the hassle of having to find compatible items and makes the search for a dartboard set as simple as possible.

These accessories can vary quite a bit, so whatever your needs are it’ll be possible to find a set that works for you. For example, many steel tip dartboard sets will come with a scoreboard of some kind. These are traditionally chalk scoreboards or dry erase scoreboards, however, there are also electronic scoreboards that allow you to enter your hits and it will automatically calculate the score for you.

Another variable is the throwline that is included with the set. A traditional throwline is an adhesive strip that you attach to the ground, but we also have our Viper Laser Throwline which is compatible with many of our dartboard cabinets. The advantage to a laser throwline is that it can be easily adjusted to any distance without needing to be ripped off your floor.

There are some more variables but the point is, regardless of what your wants or needs are, there will be a dartboard set or bundle that fits your needs. 

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