How to Play Looper

The darts version of Horse.

How to Play Darts

Looper Dart Game Rules

Looper is very similar to the game Horse in that one player will set a target that the next player needs to hit. If the second player misses, they lose a life.

Number of Players

Two or more people can play this game. Looper is also a good game for groups. 

How to Play

Looper is usually played with 3-5 lives. Determine who is going first and have them use their non-dominant hand to throw a dart to set the first target. This is done for just the first throw because whoever throws first can’t lose a life.

The next player then has three throws to try and hit the target that was set. If they fail to hit the target, the lose a life.

If a player succeeds in hitting the target, they get three more throws to set the new target. Only the last throw counts, meaning even if the first dart hits a valid spot, the player can choose to throw another dart for a more challenging target. However, if a player fails to set a target on their last throw, then they lose one life and the previous target goes back into play.

If every player misses the target and the person who originally set it is up to throw again, they get to set a new target.

Part of the challenge of this game is that only the individual segment the dart lands in is the target. This means if it hits the outer single 20, then only the outer single 20 counts as a hit. 

The reason the game is called Looper is because any enclosed loop on the board can be the target. For example, the 0 in the 20 on the outer ring can be a target, or even the loop of the 6 in 16. 

The last player standing wins!

Tips and Strategy

In Looper, since you get three throws to set a target, aim your first two throws at harder spots on the board. Like a loop on the number ring, even if you miss both throws, you can aim for a spot like the treble or bullseye. That way you can still set a challenging target while minimizing the risk if you miss. 

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