How to Play Big 6

Learn the rules of the dart game Big 6.

How to Play Darts

Big 6 Dart Game Rules

If you like the game HORSE then Big 6 is a great game to check out!

Number of Players

Two or more players can play Big 6.

This dart game is typically more fun with medium to large groups of people.

How to Play

In Big 6, each player will take turns aiming at whatever target the previous person has set.

Everyone will start the game with three lives and each person gets three dart throws per turn. The first target is the single 6. Whoever goes first will attempt to hit it with their three darts. If they do, they get one more throw to set the target for the player after them.

In Big 6, the individual segment that the player hits is the target. So if a player hits the double 20 when setting a new target the next person has to hit the double 20.

If a player misses all three throws, then they lose a life and the next player gets to try. If a player hits the target but fails to set a new one with their next throw, then they lose a life and the previous target comes back into play.

To win Big 6, all you need to do is be the last one with lives left!

Optional Rules

There are a couple of ways to make this game easier for newer players. The number of lives can be increased and instead of needing to hit doubles and trebles specifically, any spot in the number can count.

These rules can also be used as handicaps. More skilled players could have less lives or still need to hit the specific segments while the newer players do not.

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