How to Play Sudden Death

A great party game - the more the merrier!

How to Play 301 Darts

Sudden Death Dart Game Rules

Sudden death is simple and quick competitive dart game. It's made more fun when you have a larger group of players.

Number of Players

Two or more players can play Sudden Death darts, but it's recommended to play with more.

How to Play

The dart game of Sudden Death is played in a series of rounds. Each player gets to throw three darts per round to determine their score for that round. Once everyone has gone, whoever has the lowest score for that round is eliminated and is out for the rest of the game.

If the lowest score happens to be a tie, then the players who tied will participate in a quick sudden death round where they each get one throw to score as high as possible. Whoever wins this round gets to stay in. If there is another tie then they keep going until someone loses.

In the next round, each player who is still in the game gets their score set back to zero and everyone goes again. This continues until only one person is left standing.

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