How to Play Shanghai

Shanghai is an exciting, easy-to-learn dart game where anyone can win!

Shanghai Dart Game Rules

Shanghai is a competitive dart game where anyone has a chance to win, no matter how far behind they are.

Number of Players

Two or more, any number of people or teams can play Shanghai darts.

How to Play

In the dart game Shanghai, each player takes turns throwing three darts to try to score the highest possible points in each round.

A standard game of Shanghai uses the segments 1 through 20, in order. In the first round, players aim for the 1 segment. In the second round, players aim for the 2 segment, and so on through 20. Only darts thrown in that round's segment will count towards anyone's score. For example, if in round 1 a player hits the 18 segment, no points are scored for that dart.

Each segment counts for its standard amount of points. The single 1 segment scores one point, the single 2 segment scores two points, and so on. Doubles and triples are in play, so scoring a triple 1 awards three points to that player, but only for the 1 segment's round.

To keep track of scores, write down each player or team name at the top of the scoreboard, then write the numbers 1 through 20 vertically down the scoreboard. Divide the scoreboard into columns with vertical lines, so each player has a clear area where to write their score for each round. 

The Object of the Game
The object of Shanghai darts is to have the highest score at the end of all rounds, or to "Shanghai" your opponent.

A Shanghai is when a player scores on a single, double, and triple of the same number in one round. For example, if in the fourth round of a standard game a player hits a single 4, double 4, and triple 4, they automatically win.

This is part of why Shanghai is such a fun game. Regardless of how a player is doing, they always have a chance to win, so the underdog is never out of the running. 

Optional Rules

If playing with a large group, the number of rounds can be reduced so the game doesn’t take too long. So instead of 1 through 20, the game could be played with the numbers 1 through 7, or any other combination.

It is possible to play where specific numbers are required or a player's score is cut in half, or even reduced to zero. For example, the 5 segment could be a mandatory hit. So on the fifth round when it is the target, if a player misses all three throws then their score would be cut in half. This is also a good way to handicap more experienced players. 

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