How to Play Scram Darts

 Learn the rules of this fun and easy dart game.

Scram Dart Game Rules

Scram is a dart game, similar to Cricket, where one player will attempt to close numbers while the other scores.

Number of Players

Two players or two teams can play Scram.

How to Play

Scram is a two-player dart game in which one person is the “stopper” and the other is the “scorer”. The numbers 1-20 and bull are used in this game with typical point counts. Scram is played in two rounds, so each player has a chance to play both roles. Determine the play order and whoever goes first is the stopper in round one.

Simply put, the stopper's objective is to close all the numbers on the board so that the scorer is unable to score on them. The scorer's objective is (you've probably guessed) to score as many points as possible on numbers that are still open.

The stopper will use their turn to throw three darts at the board. Each number they hit will then be out of play for the scorer. Once the stopper makes their throws, the scorer has three throws to score as many points as possible on the remaining numbers in play. Doubles count for double the points and triples count for triple the points. 

This goes on until the stopper is able to take all the numbers out of play, then the roles are reversed. Once each player has had a turn as the scorer and stopper, the scores are compared and the highest one wins.

How to Win

To win, a player simply needs to get a higher score than their opponent. 

Tips and Strategy

The trick to playing Scram is to aim for the highest scores that are still open. As a stopper, this is done to prevent the scorer from winning, and as a scorer this is done to earn as many points as possible. 

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