How to Play Mulligan

A dart game that will test your skills.

Mulligan Dart Game Rules

Think of Mulligan as a hardcore version of Cricket for dart players who really want to test their skills. This is a great game for practicing hitting trebles.

Number of Players

One or more people can play Mulligan darts.

How to Play

A game of Mulligan consists of seven targets that have to be hit in order, the last of which is always the bullseye. The other six numbers can be a specific set like 15 through 20, or chosen at random. Whichever numbers are chosen, an order has to be specified and each number has to be closed in that order.

As an example, if a game used the numbers 15 through 20, you could choose to close the numbers in numerical order. So the 15 would have to be closed, then the 16, and so on. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, in Mulligan, the only way to score a mark on a number is by hitting the treble, which means each number requires you to hit the treble three times to close it.

Again, these need to be closed in order. Once the six numbers that were selected at the beginning of the game are closed, then the inner bull (the bullseye) needs to be hit three times to win the game.

Mulligan will test your skills and is a great game for practicing hitting different trebles on the board.

Tips and Strategy

While it is possible to implement handicaps and change Mulligan to make it easier, it should be viewed as a game of practice first and foremost.

There isn't any real strategy since each number has to be hit in a specific order and they are all determined at the start of them game. The only thing Mulligan is going to test beyond your skill is how level-headed you can stay during a tough game.

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