How to Play Golf Darts

Just like the full-scale version, play 9 or 18 "holes" of golf with this fun darts game!

How to Play 301 Darts

Golf Dart Game Rules

Golf is a simple game that relies on skill and strategy. There are many different versions of this game that exist and the following rules are the ones we feel are the most straightforward and best suited for steel tip darts.

Number of Players

Two or more people can play Golf Darts. 

How to Play

Just like the full-scale version of golf, it's possible to play either a game that consists of 18 rounds or a half game of 9 rounds, perfect if you have limited time. And also like the real thing, the objective of Golf Darts is to get as few "strokes" as possible.

Each hole is played in numerical order, which means the first round is the 1 segment, the second round is the 2 segment, and so on. The stroke count is determined by which part of the segment is hit.

A double counts as one stroke, a treble counts as two strokes, singles count as three strokes, and missing the number completely counts as five strokes.

Only the last throw a player makes counts, so if on a player's first throw they hit the treble, they would have two strokes. They can either choose to end their turn, or they can attempt to improve their score by hitting a double. If they attempt to hit a double but miss and hit the outer single, they would then have three strokes for that turn and the only way to improve would be by trying again for their third throw.

Whoever has the lowest stroke count by the end of the 9th or 18th hole is the winner of the game. If two people of different skill levels are playing together, it's possible to increase the stroke count for the more skilled player to help make it a fair game.

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