How to Play Football Darts

Just to be clear, we mean the American version of Football.

How to Play 301 Darts

Football Dart Game Rules

In darts the game of Football is based on the American version of the game. The scoring, terminology, and overall structure of the game are all very similar to an actual game.

Number of Players

Two players or two teams can play Football Darts.

For team games it is possible to do two teams of two or four players each. Just alternate who throws for each down. When scoring extra points either the player who scored can go for the extra point, or one person could be the designated kicker.

How to Play

Football darts takes place on the horizontal segments of the board, from the double 11 to the double 6 and every segment in between. This is the "field" and each player has their own "team".

The first team will have the double 11 as their end-zone while the other team's end-zone will be the double 6. Whoever goes first will start in their end-zone and they get four downs to try and make it as far across the field as they can.

A down consists of three darts which means each team will alternate throwing 12 darts in a row to get as far as possible.

The team that goes first starts in their end-zone and must start by hitting their end-zone's double, then the outer single, then the treble, and so on. The bull is also used and when a team gets to it they must hit the outer bull, then the bullseye, and then the outer bull again.

The segment that a team hits last is the first segment that the other team needs to hit. So, if Team 1's last dart hits the inner single 6, then Team 2 must hit the inner single 6 before moving on.

Hitting the other team's end-zone is a touchdown and is worth 6 points. If a team scores a touchdown they have an opportunity to score an extra point, just like regular Football. They get one throw and all they have to do to get the point is hit anywhere within the 20 segment.

Once a team scores the other team takes possession in their own end-zone regardless of any remaining throws or downs.

The game can last as long as the players want. It can be decided after a certain number of downs, or by a certain number of points. If players want to stay consistent with the Football theme, they could set a timer and whoever is ahead when it goes off wins.

Optional Rules

To make the game easier for newer players, instead of the bull needing to be hit three separate times, it could count as just one and hitting anywhere in the bull would count.

Two-Point Conversion
When throwing for an extra point, it's possible to implement a two point conversion rule. There are a few ways to do this. The first is by making it so if a player hits the double 20 they get two points.

The second way is by having a player declare they are going for a two point conversion and then they have to hit the treble 20 to get the two points. The reason for these other conditions is because missing the treble is more likely to hit the single 20 than missing the double is.

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