How to Play English Cricket

Despite its name, this is vastly different than standard cricket.

How to Play 301 Darts

English Cricket Dart Game Rules

English Cricket is quite different from its American counterpart, and not because it uses the metric system or drives on the left side of the road. Scoring is completely different and each player will take turns playing different roles. All that being said, it does use some of the same terminology as American Cricket.

Number of Players

Two players or two teams can play English Cricket.

When playing team games, feel free to increase the number of marks the bowlers need to get so the game lasts longer.

How to Play

One player starts the game as the batter and the other player starts as the bowler. Each player gets three throws per turn and the batter goes first.

The batter's job is to focus on scoring. To score, the batter needs to hit a minimum of 40 points and then whatever they earn beyond 40 points is what they add to their score. So if a player gets a score of 75 with their three darts, then they would have 35 points.

When a person is playing as the bowler, their goal is to stop the batter from scoring points by scoring 10 marks on the bull. The outer ring of the bull counts as one mark while the inner bull, or bullseye, is worth two marks, just like a regular game of Cricket.

Once the bowler scores 10 marks, the roles are switched and the process is repeated. Once each player gets a turn, whoever has the highest score wins!

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