How to Play Chase the Dragon

A major test of skill.

Chase the Dragon Dart Game Rules

Chase the Dragon is a very similar game to Mulligan, and is great practice for hitting triples/trebles. It's also great practice for different versions of Cricket.

Number of Players

One or more people can play Chase the Dragon darts.

How to Play

In Chase the Dragon, each player must hit the numbers 10 through 20 in order, followed by the outer bull, and lastly the bullseye. Each number only needs to be hit once, however, only the triple segment counts.

Chase the Dragon is a simple game but that doesn't make it any less challenging. The most challenging part of the game is hitting the outer bull followed by the bullseye. Since each segment has to be hit in order, hitting the bullseye before you hit the outer bull won't count.

The first player to hit every target in order is the winner, but even playing solo, Chase the Dragon is a great practice game.

Tips and Strategy

To get the most out of playing Chase the Dragon, write down each number you need to target. Then, as you play, make a mark for each dart that misses its target. When you finish, look over the sheet and see which targets you missed the most. This will give you a reference point so you know what you need to improve.

Otherwise, there aren't any secret tricks or tips to Chase the Dragon, each number needs to be hit in order which means this game is a test of pure skill.

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