How to Play Broad Jump/High Jump

Different names for games that are played in the same way.

How to Play 301 Darts

Broad Jump and High Jump Dart Game Rules

Both of Broad Jump and High Jump are essentially identical, they just go in different directions across the board. They're both great dart games for warming up.

Number of Players

One or more players can play this game.

How to Play

The goal of both Broad Jump and High Jump is to make it as far across the board as possible. Both of these games go across the board, not around. The game Broad Jump goes horizontally from double 11 to double 6, while High Jump goes vertically from double 3 to double 20.

Each player gets three darts per target segment and goes until they either miss all three shots or they make it all the way across the board. As an example, in Broad Jump, the first segment to target is the double 11. If a player hits it with one of their three darts, their next target would be the outer single 11, and so on. This continues in order through the bull and to the double 6 if the player is good enough.

Once a person misses three throws without hitting their target, the next player gets a turn.

Whoever makes it farthest wins! If more than one player happens to make it the same distance, it's a tie. The tie can be broken by having just those players play again to break the tie.


These games can be modified to work with any segments that are opposite of each other so feel free to switch things up.

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