How to Play Baseball Darts

America's pastime, but with darts!

How to Play 301 Darts

Baseball Dart Game Rules

This is an easy to learn darts adaptation of the sport baseball.

Number of Players

Two players or two teams can play Baseball darts.

If playing with teams, just alternate who throws for each inning. Whoever goes first will have one extra turn.

How to Play

Baseball darts consists of 9 innings just like a real game of Baseball. Each player throws three darts per inning.

The inning number matches the target segment for that inning. For the first inning, the 1 segment is the target. The second inning is the 2 segment, and so on, all the way through 9.

Runs are earned by hitting the current inning's target number. Scoring is counted as follows:

Single = 1 run
Double = 2 runs
Treble = 3 runs

Runs are not multiplied by the inning number. As an example, if on the third inning, a player hits a single 3, a double 3, and a treble 3, their score would be 6 for that inning (1 run for the single, 2 runs for the double, 3 runs for the treble: 1 + 2 + 3 = 6). If any darts land on a segment other than that inning's number, they do not count.

The player with the highest score at the end of 9 innings wins!

A perfect inning in baseball darts happens when a player hits three trebles on that inning's target. That means a perfect inning scores 9 runs and a perfect game is 81 runs.

In the event of a tie, in normal baseball they would keep adding innings until someone pulled ahead. In darts, the game can continue by aiming at numbered segments until the tie is broken, so after 9 is 10, then 11, and so on. Or each player can get three throws at the bull where the outer bull counts as one run and the bullseye counts as two.

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