How to Play All Fives

The dart game also known as 51 By 5's.

How to Play 301 Darts

All Fives Dart Game Rules

All Fives, also known as 51 By 5's, is a challenging and fun dart game that will help you improve your dart skills along with your math skills.

Number of Players

Two or more players can play All Fives.

How to Play

In All Fives, each player will take turns throwing three darts to try and get a score that is divisible by 5. If a player succeeds in getting a score that is divisible by 5, they divide it and whatever number they come up with is how many points they get.

For example, if a player throws three darts and they end with a score of 65, they would then divide that by 5 to get their points. In this case they would have 13 points. Only whole numbers count, no decimals.

To win All Fives, a player must get exactly 51 points. If a player goes over, then they bust and their score gets set back to whatever it was on the turn before they busted.

For example, if a player gets a score of 65 but they already had 40 points, then they would be at 53 points in total. They would bust and on their next turn, they would be back at 40 points.

Tips and Strategy

If you're finding it difficult to get a score that's divisible by 5, try aiming for either the 20 and 5 segments, or the 10 and 15 segments. They're all divisible by 5 and since they're neighboring segments, if you accidentally hit one instead of the other you'll still meet the requirement. 

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