ADA Monthly Professional - Ron Aubuchon

August, 2020

We'd like to introduce everyone to Ron Aubuchon, the American Darter's Association Monthly Professional. As part of GLD Product's partnership with the ADA they have put us in touch with Ron so he could share his thoughts on this wonderful game and give a little more insight into his experiences playing.

How did you first get into darts? And what specifically about darts drew you to it?

A few guys at work were throwing together after work. I joined them for some fun competition. Then we joined a league and I was so bad they sat me in the playoffs. That presented the perfect opportunity for self-improvement. That's my passion with darts, continuous self-improvement.

What is a story you have of a game or moment throughout your darting career that really sticks out to you?

My very first ADA traveling pro tournament. I was brand new to the ADA and didn't really know anyone there. Luckily, I drew a partner that really made me feel relaxed and, in the end, I was able to hit the shot to win. It wasn't the best I've ever played, but it helped me relax in the tournament environment and proved to myself that I'm good enough to compete with some very talented players.

Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in darts but doesn't know where to start? Like how to get started, what to focus on first, how to connect with other players?

One of the great things about darts is you can get started for fairly cheap and really, you don't need anyone else to practice. Now just playing by yourself all the time isn't fun and while I'm lucky to have lots of organized leagues around me, not everyone is so fortunate. Luckily there are many great electronic boards that offer online play these days and that's a great way to play with others.

As what to focus on first I believe it all comes down to your throwing motion. More than your equipment, your accuracy or your strategy. If you don't have a solid base and follow through, it's very had to be consistent. And if you are not consistent it's impossible to focus on your weaknesses and make adjustments.

And building off the previous question do you have advice for people who have been playing for a while?

Just keep challenging yourself. When you push yourself, the victories are a little sweeter and you can learn so much more from your losses.

If there were one area of the game or the board that I would recommend people work on more I would say the doubles. Obviously, they are crucial for 01 double out games and it is imperative to have confidence in hitting all doubles. Not just your favorite. Furthermore, I think they are often underutilized in cricket. When you only have one dart in hand and you need two marks to close, it is nice having the confidence to throw at a larger double then aiming for the smaller treble.

Do you have any hopes for what you want to see darts become in the USA?

As someone who watches every PDC event across the pond, I only dream that the sport could develop one tenth of that following here. I think that would attract many more young players to take up the game earlier and that will help develop some really great players. We're getting better with more livestreamed events, but more TV exposure would certainly be rather advantageous.

Is there anything you'd like to say about darts in general?

Most people know about darts. You can barely drive down the street and not see a board hung in a garage and they've really been placing them in the background of a lot of commercials and shows. However, I wish more people really took up the game. While the game is about fun first and foremost, this sport really offers a tremendous opportunity for self-improvement. It's a great way to work at something and easily monitor your improvements. Personally, I find a lot of joy in working to get better and I feel anyone would benefit from the confidence they would gain through seeing hard work pay off.

We'd like to once again take this time to thank Ron for taking the time to talk with us a little bit about darts. We hope you enjoyed reading about his experiences and hope to continue this moving forward. If you have any questions you'd like to ask the pros feel free to leave a comment, and if you think you have what it takes to be a pro darter and want to learn more, click here.

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