ADA Monthly Professional - Dacey Hartsfield

July, 2021

We'd like to introduce everyone to Dacey Hartsfield, the American Darter's Association July Monthly Professional. As part of GLD Product's partnership with the ADA they have put us in touch with Dacey so she could give us a quick look at her involvement in darting.

" I also love being able to meet all sorts of people. I’ve met some of the best people ever through darts."
- Dacey Hartsfield

How did you first get into darts?

My mother was the bartender for the local watering hole in San Antonio, TX and I would spend all day on Saturday playing soft tip darts. I would likely end up there after school too when not playing competitive softball, basketball, and volleyball.

I loved getting challenged by adults and even playing for a little cash. It was a fun way to feed my shoe addiction while in junior high and high school. But shhh... don’t tell Mom. She didn’t know I was hustling. :)

What is it about darts that you enjoy the most?

I love that it is solely dependent on my ability to hit my target while staying focused and present in the game.

I also love being able to meet all sorts of people. I’ve met some of the best people ever through darts.

What is a story you have of a game or moment throughout your darting career that really sticks out to you?

It is a very recent one. When COVID hit and people were homebound, I was fortunate already to have a virtual setup as I am a very active player on for steel tip.

I have loved being able to help people get setup themselves through technology to stay competitive and more than anything, connected to a game they love and connected to people.

Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in darts but doesn't know where to start? Like how to get started, what to focus on first, how to connect with other players?

 I would recommend searching your city for local leagues. Most are setup to offer newbies the chance to join and enter a division where they won’t get killed in every game. If you don’t have any local leagues, Dart Connect’s global lobby is a great place to get started even without a webcam.

If you have a computer and a webcam, is a great site to play top talent.

For new players, I always encourage them to get their stance down first. Find what feels comfortable and then start throwing on the left hand side of the board. Even without great aim, they are likely to score higher. They can then start to target the more traditional numbers in other games after gaining a little confidence. 

What is your advice for players when they have a bad game, but they need to keep playing?

Bad games are definitely going to happen. What is important is to know is that it is just a game. Take some deep breaths and bring your focus back to the board and the present moment. It is so important to focus on the here and now because it is what you can control.

Where is your favorite place to play darts?

I love to play darts at Euclid Avenue Yacht Club in Little 5 Points here in Atlanta. All the big hitters in Atlanta play there regularly and it is a great place to play top-notch talent and get better. 

If you could play against any player, who would you pick?

I would pick Deta Hedman in a heartbeat. She is such a consistent player with such a storied career and I would love to pick her brain.

Quick Facts About Deta Hedman: Deta Hedman has won dozens of dart tournaments and was the first female to beat a male in a televised dart game.

And lastly, do you have any pre-match superstitions or quirks of how you play?

 I always warm up with playing Bob’s 27. It is such a great game for doubles practice and I love keeping track of my scores to track my progress and improvement.

We'd like to once again take this time to thank Dacey for taking the time to talk with us a little bit about darts. If you have any questions you'd like to ask the pros feel free to leave a comment, and if you think you have what it takes to be a pro darter and want to learn more, click HERE.

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