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Don't Miss out on special show pricing!

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New Products

Obsidian Sisal Dartboard

  • African White Sisal
  • Paper Wound Biscuits
  • Razor Thin Spider Wire
  • WDF Accredited

African White Sisal - The highest quality sisal on the market allows for premium self-healing abilities

Paper Wound Sisal Biscuits - Superior smoothness and a near flawless finish with no synthetic residue

Solvent Based Inks - Brighter and more vibrant than water based inks for higher visibility and a clean, crisp look

Razor-Thin Spider Wire - 100% staple-free to maximize surface area, eliminating the risk of bounce-outs and deflections

WDF Accredited - Officially recognized by the World Dart Federation as a tournament quality dartboard

17.75" Regulation Size • Rotating Number Ring • Levelers Included

Flux Conversion Darts

  • 90% Tungsten Barrels
  • 20 Gram Darts with Swappable Tips
  • Viperlock Aluminum Shade Shafts
  • High Precision V-100 Flights

Flux Conversion Darts

The exclusive Viper Black Flux 90% Tungsten Conversion Dart Set comes with both steel tip converter points and soft tip points, which allows this set of darts to be used on both sisal and electronic dartboards.

The high quality 90% Tungsten barrels are perfect for anyone looking for a professional dart set, capable of tight groupings for higher scores.

Each set of Flux conversion darts come with a set of converter points, soft dart tips, three barrels, a set of standard dart flights, a set of slim dart flights, o-rings, and Viperlock Aluminum Shade Shafts.

parallax billiard cue cases

  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Water Repellant
  • Padded Interior
  • Sleek Design

parallax billiard cue cases

Abrasion Resistant - Heavyweight polyester fabric resists wear and tear, ensuring your cue is protected

Water Repellant - The Parallax cue case uses tightly woven fabric to keep water and moisture out

Padded Interior - Foam-lined inserts brace your cue against impacts, preventing cracks and warping

Sleek Design - Features a comfortable rubber handle and slim profile so you can bring your cue anywhere

Capacity - Fits one disassembled pool cue, butt and shaft, as well as spare cue chalk

Cork wall defenders

This stylish cork lined V-Foam surround requires no installation tools, just snap the puzzle pieces together around your dartboard and you are ready to play!

Cork wall defenders

This stylish cork lined V-Foam surround requires no installation tools, just snap the puzzle pieces together around your dartboard and you are ready to play!

This tough and durable defender will stand up to the most wicked throws, should an errant throw slip by. The cork sheet adorning this board will brighten up your room and look good protecting your walls.

Take the guesswork out of deciding which board to purchase, as this surrounding defender will fit perfectly with any regulation sized (17.75") sisal or bristle dartboard!

Cool flights

  • Precision Molded
  • Superior Material
  • Flexible and Sturdy
  • Viperlock Ring System

Edge throw lines

  • Durable Material
  • Axis Rectifier Scale
  • Easy Install
  • High Visibility

Cool flights

Thicker Flight - 400 microns thick for maximum durability

Precision Molded - Each wing maintains a perfect 90 degree angle

Superior Material - Constructed from flexible polymers to keep your flights from breaking

Viperlock Ring System - Viperlock stem rings keep flights secure

Edge throw lines

Durable Throw Line - Heavy duty resin ensures this throw line will stand up to the heaviest foot traffic

Throw Consistently - Axis Rectifier Scale allows for consistent stance

Easy to Install - Just measure, peel and stick

High Visibility - Eliminate foot fouls with this easy to see throw line, viewable in dimly lit rooms, or from the sideline

Vault Cabinet with Illumiscore Bundle

  • Walnut Finish Cabinet
  • Top Selling Shot King Dartboard
  • Built-In Illumiscore Scoreboard
  • All Accessories Included

Sentinel art series dart cases

Exclusive New Designs

Vault Cabinet with Illumiscore Bundle

Vault Dartboard Cabinet - The Viper Vault Dartboard Cabinet will protect your walls while serving as a stylish centerpiece with its walnut finish

Sisal Dartboard - The Shot King has a regulation 17.75” diameter face so you’ll play on the same size dart board as the pros

Illumiscore Scoreboard - The light-up Illumiscore scoreboard lets you clearly see your scores from further away, even in dimly lit rooms

Sentinel art series dart cases

Exclusive New Designs

Guardian dartboard surrounds

New Colors

Pre-Order Colors

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