Fat Cat Stampede Red 57” Billiard Cue Stick

Fat Cat
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Play bold and make a statement with the Underground Billiard Cue Sticks from Viper. Fashioned from m Canadian maple hardwood to withstand years of abuse, the Edge billiard cues stand out from the rest with original artwork and graphics. These cue sticks feature all the performance-enhancing qualities you’ve come to expect from exceptional cues in an excellent value package. A leather tip ensures a solid grip on the ball, reducing miscues, and a Euro Taper gives a natural and comfortable feel across your stroke. The shaft and butt combine with durable ABS joints to give reliable feedback on every shot.

  • Constructed from hardwood, for tenacious durability.
  • Features a Euro taper for a natural feel across your stroke.
  • Leather tip helps to reduce miscues and grip the ball more consistently.
  • Original graphics give your cue an exclusive look.
  • Perfect starter cue for those looking to break into the game for the best value.

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